Securing your reservation(s):

After the intake form has been completed by the potential client, you will receive a reply confirming availability of requested times and dates, and/or proposed alternates dates and times that may be available. Along with that you will be sent a link to download the client agreement form. At that time you will be billed and full payment is due within 72 hours after you receive confirmation of intake / client agreement along with quote (typically no longer than 72 hours after you send it. Please be sure to put Kid’s Night In in your contacts to avoid replies going to spam folders).

AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or debit card are acceptable via PayPal. Additionally, Venmo is acceptable as an alternate payment mode.

Babysitting Policies:

Sitter Duties and Responsibilities-

  • Safety and well being of the children is the primary responsibility.
  • Daily care (feeding, changing/hygiene, bathing when needed, monitoring during nap or nighttime sleep.)
  • Supervision and monitoring of all activities and following parent guidelines.
  • Entertaining of children which may include, but is not limited to music, playtime, arts, books, puzzles, pool if approved by parent.

Babysitting services DO NOT include the following

  • Transporting children (for liability reasons, please don’t even ask!)
  • Cooking (except simple kid friendly foods – for example chicken tenders, hot dogs, frozen pizzas)
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Cleaning

If such assistance is provided by the sitter, it is provided solely at their discretion.

We will attempt to secure the same sitter for all dates of service for your entire stay. However, there may be instances where this cannot happen. If there has to be a change made to your scheduled sitter we will make every effort to give you as much advance notice as possible.


If there will be any pets on the premises during the babysitting sessions, notice must be provided during the initial contact phase, and additional fees, based on the circumstances, will apply.

Rates Policies:

If the sitter arrives on site to provide services and no one is present or no message received, they will remain on site for a maximum of 30 minutes before leaving. This will warrant a 100% charge of fees. NO REFUNDS when this occurs.

Sitters are on contract with Kids’ Night In Babysitting and are not allowed to work independently for you or any agent’s clients at any time. Such violations will result in termination of services and a financial penalty will be imposed. All services must be processed through Kid’s Night In management team.

If you are late returning from your time away, you will be given a grace period of thirty minutes charged at the regular rate. If you are later than thirty minutes you will be billed 1.5 times the agreed upon rate for the first two hours. If you are later than two hours, the entire additional time will be billed at double the contracted rate.

Changes in original plans may make it difficult or impossible for us to be of service to you since all of our sitters have very busy schedules. Please consider that fact when doing the planning for your time away from your children. Making allowances for “island time” when planning is important!

Gratuities :  Our sitters are delighted to serve you and your children and will do everything in their power to ensure that everyone has a great time. Your child(ren)s’ safety will be a top priority of theirs while you enjoy your time out. Sitters are trained and certified in CPR and first aid. Your sitters greatly appreciate and rely on tips as part of their income and industry standard for a job well done in the Virgin Islands is 20%  – 25%, which may be paid however you choose (but cash is always appreciated.) For reservations that entail three or more separate sessions, a 20% gratuity will be added.

Additional fees apply to services provided between midnight and 7:00am (rate varies depending on number of children etc.) An additional surcharge of $20/hr is required for the following holidays- New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and special event weekends such as Eight Tuff Miles or Carnival.

We highly recommend all communications during your scheduled time be with the sitter and not the children. This allows for accurate communications.

Reservation and Cancellation Policies

Babysitting services are to be reserved directly with Kids Night In Babysitting after completion, reception, and acceptance of intake form, and subsequent confirmation from Kids Night In Babysitting to client. By submitting the intake form the proposed client accepts and agrees to the fees, contract, policies and procedures herein and agrees to allow Paypal or Venmo to make payment for any and all services provided..

Reservations are required 72 hours prior to scheduled start time. There will be a short notice charge of $50 for reservations made after that time (please note that requesting services 72 hours in advance does not guarantee availability, it only ensures that there will no late booking charge).

Each family is responsible for their own intake and client agreement form, and for services rendered for their children. Immediate family includes only siblings. Relatives and close friends must be considered separately due to liability issues.

Cancellation Policy:

There will be a minimum $25 processing fee charged/held regardless of circumstances surrounding a cancellation.

Aside from that fee, cancellations made at least two weeks prior to scheduled start of services will receive a full refund.

Cancellations made from 2 to 13 days prior to scheduled start of services will receive a 75% refund.

Cancellations received inside of 48 hours of start of scheduled services will not receive a refund.

Please consider purchasing travel insurance that may reimburse you if medical issues prevent you from being able to travel.

100% refunds will be issued if the Virgin Islands government bans visitors for the dates of your trip.

Cancellation notices are the responsibility of the client and not that of the Concierge, travel agent or any other party.

Changes/Adjustments/Additional Services to your original schedule after confirmation should be made via phone call or text, and are not considered scheduled until confirmed by Kids Night In Babysitting.