Frequently asked questions here at Kids Night in;

How do we make reservations? Making reservations is an easy three step process- fill out the intake form, pay for your requested hours, and review, sign and return policies/ medical release forms, (see the Forms page on this website).

What methods of payment do you accept? We accept Venmo (@Leslie-McKibben ) or PayPal-  (

 What is the maximum number of children we will accept for one sitter? We take several factors into consideration when determining the appropriate number of sitters, including, but not necessarily limited to, number and ages of children, special needs or considerations, and timeframe of the sitting session.

Can parents choose the sitter they want based on the photos and bios on our website? No, they may make a request, but availability, as well as possible transportation limitations, make this impractical to guarantee.

Can two families share a sitter? Yes, however each family needs to do all their paperwork separately, and each family gets billed individually. For pricing purposes we strictly define “family” as immediate family only, e.g. siblings, but not cousins.

What is the best way to make contact and reservations? Reaching out via email is the best way to make initial communications. We advise that you put our email in your address book or contacts to avoid our response going to your spam folder. Email address is

How quickly should I expect to receive a response to my inquiry? We answer all emails and texts as soon as possible but almost always within 24 hours of the inquiry. So if you don’t get it a response in a timely manner, check your spam folder. 

What services do we offer? We offer babysitting at your villa during daytime hours, nighttime hours, on boats you charter for a day, or on a complete trip. We also have provide overnight babysitting or overnight charters in US and BVI waters.

When should I make my reservation for childcare? In short, as soon as possible. For high season, special events (such as weddings), and holiday bookings this is especially true. You should make your reservation for childcare as soon as you have your villa reserved, and know the dates and times that you want to have services provided. . The more advance notice we have receive , the more likely it will be that we can fill your request. 

Are the babysitters qualified and trustworthy? We do a thorough interview process and ensure all sitters are CPR trained and background checked.

Do we have any geographical limitations? Although some sitters may have geographical limitations due to their personal transportation situations. Kids’ Night In in general does not have these limitations. 

Will you babysit on St Thomas or Lovango? We will! We do have additional fees including a surcharge of $5/hr, plus travel expenses including parking, ferry/barge, and taxi if needed. If it is an evening session, and you get home too late for us to catch the last ferry, you are responsible for overnight accommodations.